Job hunting during the pandemic: Tips for recent graduates

From the dot-com bust in 2000, to the Great Recession and now a global pandemic, Lori Shreve Blake has seen the job market in many forms of disarray. Through each period, the senior director of alumni and student career services at the USC Career Center tells desperate students the same thing:

“At the end of the day, you only need one job.”

Finding the right one, especially as the coronavirus outbreak has caused more than 38 million Americans to file for unemployment in the last nine weeks, seems harder than finding yeast at a grocery store. As of May 15, job listings across all industries on Indeed are down 37% since the same time last year, said Paul Wolfe, senior vice president of global human relations for the job search website. That is actually a slight uptick from the mark at the beginning of the month, which was at 39.5%.

It’s a drastic downturn from the job seeker’s market graduates were looking at seven months ago, and it’s competitive. But it’s not impossible, Shreve Blake said. Read more about this here.

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