Is It Possible For Millennials To Find Jobs Abroad?

There’s an uptick in desire among millennial workers to move abroad for work. It’s no surprise either, as many millennials are perfectly positioned to pick up their life and start fresh in a new city or country.

In 2015, FlexJobs found that 70% of millennials say the desire to travel is a primary reason to work. With a majority of young adults wanting to take on international opportunities, it’s common to question if there is enough job supply to meet this demand.

While some millennials are most interested in brief travel stints, others would like to make a permanent change and uproot their life for a new city or country. According to TransferWise, 41% of millennials want to live abroad. While this number may surprise some, it does seem to fit with the demographics of the generation.

In fact, a 2016 Gallup poll found that 59% of millennials have never been married and 60% of them do not have children in their home. Candidates that are single with no children are easy to pick up and place anywhere on the map that they are needed. They can be more willing to take on exciting opportunities because they aren’t impacting anyone else by their decision.

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