8 Things You Could Be Doing Better in Your International Job Search

Finding a better job or changing career paths is one of the most challenging activities a person can undertake. Between meticulously grooming your resume and memorizing all of your top notch interview answers, there is a lot that needs to be done to qualify you for that sweet new gig. These tasks are only amplified if you are looking for a career change on a global scale, and the foolproof plan you made for yourself could be completely irrelevant for an international job search.

Just having a LinkedIn profile is not enough anymore for international job offers; even if you have the help of a job placement agency, it does not mean that your job search should be in any way hands-off. Finding jobs abroad goes many steps further. Going about your search without doing the proper research might mean that you’re committing some serious deal-breakers without realizing it – sabotaging yourself can be totally avoided through a bit of awareness.

If you’re thinking: “I want to work abroad” —we’re glad you’re here. Regardless of if you’ve spent months applying for jobs or you’re just getting started, the following are all things you need to know whether you’re looking to teach English in China or pursue graphic design in Australia. Here’s our best advice to better your chances and *finally* find international jobs!

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Equipping You for International Employment

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